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Allergy Testing in Central Texas

Uncover the Source of Your Allergy Problems

Allergy Partners of Central Texas offers best-in-class allergy testing options. We can help you determine what is causing your allergy problems and how to treat them. Our allergy testing process includes reviewing your medical and family history and using that information to choose testing options that best meet your unique circumstances. From there, we’re able to diagnose your allergies and create a treatment plan to resolve your allergy issues.

Contact Allergy Partners of Central Texas at (512) 668-6332 or reach out online to make an allergy testing appointment in Austin.

How Does Allergy Testing Work?

Allergy testing is an essential tool for pinpointing the specific triggers causing allergic reactions in individuals. Through skin tests and blood tests, healthcare professionals can identify the offending allergens, which may range from foods and pollen to pet dander and dust mites. Understanding a person’s allergies is critical for creating an effective treatment plan, which often includes avoidance strategies, medical therapies, and in some cases, immunotherapy to reduce sensitivity to offending allergens.

Allergy testing can also be beneficial in identifying potential cross-reactivity between allergens. Cross-reactivity occurs when the proteins in one allergen are similar to those in another, causing a similar allergic response. For example, individuals who are allergic to birch pollen may also experience an allergic reaction to apples due to the shared proteins in both substances.

In addition to identifying specific allergens, allergy testing can also help rule out potential triggers. This is especially important in cases where an individual is experiencing chronic or severe allergic reactions but is unsure of the cause. By eliminating potential allergens through testing, healthcare professionals can narrow down the possibilities and create a more accurate treatment plan.

Furthermore, allergy testing can provide valuable information for individuals who are considering immunotherapy as a treatment option. Immunotherapy, also known as allergy shots, involves exposing an individual to small amounts of an allergen over time to help increase their tolerance and reduce allergic reactions. Allergy testing is crucial in determining which specific allergens should be included in the immunotherapy treatment plan.

To learn more about allergy testing or to request an appointment, connect with Allergy Partners of Central Texas online or give us a call at (512) 668-6332.

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