Allergy Partners of Chicago Reviews

    "Loved it thanks feel better already"
    - Rose
    "I felt respected, taken seriously and genuinely offered the best care possible."
    - Samara
    "My office visit was very pleasant. I didn't wait long at all to see Dr. Drapkin... He was very polite .. He was very attentive when I spoke...also knowledgeable. The nurses were very nice. Office was ..."
    - Gina
    "Overall a great experience. Everyone was professional and very helpful. They answered all my questions and I felt confident in the services they provided."
    - Oscar
    - Jen
    "I had a short wait and was taken care of quickly and ask the steps to the process we're clearly explained as were the results. Overall, it was a very positive experience."
    - Pamela
    "Very good"
    - Timothy
    "Amazing! But the front desk needs to smile & make the patients feel welcomed"
    - Patricia
    "I was very satisfied. I did not wait long and the overall appointment went quick and gave me the answers I was looking for. The staff was very friendly and I was extremely pleased with how they helped ..."
    - Heather
    "I thought everyone in your office was very professional. I would recommend Allergy Partners."
    - Michael
    "Attentive, friendly, caring."
    - Jodi
    "Great experience. Doctor and staff were professional and listened to my concerns"
    - Jeff
    "Very good experience. Dr. Connor was very helpful and so was the staff and nurses"
    - Kathy
    "Was there 10 minutes early, and waited like 30 minutes to be seen, so kind of long wait time. However, doctor was very nice and explained everything with all my questions I had. The spaced seem a ..."
    - Debi
    "I have been coming here for asthma and allergies for a LONG time and feel so much better. I couldn't walk a block without resting and now I can do a half hour of exercise daily"
    - Cynthia
    "Everyone was very welcoming and friendly"
    - Dia
    - Dennis
    - Geraldine
    - Sheila
    "My experience was great. Staff was very friendly. I was a new patient, and I was surprised that the receptionist "knew" who I was and prepared by paperwork ahead time. Nurses were great and Dr. ..."
    - Mylynna
    "I felt like Dr Hirani listened to my concerns regarding my son’s allergies, and answered my questions appropriately."
    - Carmen
    "Very caring Doctors and staff! Our daughter, with many food and respiratory allergies, was taken care of with proper testing and quick results. We couldn’t be happier. I don’t hesitate recommending ..."
    - Anna
    "Great! Very comfortable, clear communication"
    - Kip
    "Very nice people, so friendly, so experienced in their field."
    - Anna
    - Julia
    "Dr. Sol Drapkin was kind, patient, very knowledgeable, and extremely competent. I look forward to visiting again and have already recommended to others! Thanks for the great service & excellent ..."
    - Elizabeth
    "You always give good service."
    - James
    "Very satisfied"
    - Jerry
    "It was wonderful. Appointment was even earlier than on time; Dr. Drapkin and his staff were great."
    - Marcialynn
    "Everyone is very courteous and helpful"
    - Frances
    "Overall, really happy with the care at your office on Talcott. Wish you had an 8 a.m. opening during the week so I could work around my work schedule to get more shots done in a week."
    - Marilyn
    "Dr Drapkin was amazing, he treated me with respect and answered all my questions. The nurse was also nice and kept me informed."
    - Rene
    "They have managed my allergy symptoms and the Doctor and staff are caring."
    - John
    "Top notch doctor and staff!"
    - Sherwin
    "It has been great. I have recommended your group to my nephew, and when his insurance comes thru, he plans on starting. 5 stars. excellent"
    - Julianne
    "It was an excellent experience. The staff was efficient, professional and friendly. Dr. Drapkin collected my history in a thorough, professional manner, and was very clear with his suggestions related ..."
    - Barbara
    "I’m well taken care of by all staff and doctor’s at allergy partners."
    - Eileen
    "Love Dr. Drapkin, like that your location is in NW Chicago (though don't particularly like the Presence/Amita setup. But have constant trouble with Allergy Partners being out of the NorthShore system ..."
    - Barbara
    "Great no problems"
    - Alberta
    "Every aspect of the service in this practice is top notch to me. Each doctor is kind and thorough, the nurses are friendly and efficient and the front desk staff courteous and helpful. I am so glad I ..."
    - Erin
    "Great! Knowledgeable staff. Efficient. Effective treatment!"
    - Amy
    "Thoughtful, helpful, and appropriate"
    - Roberta
    "Positive, helpful, and helpful!"
    - Roberta
    "I always enjoy the friendly service eveytime I come in for my shots."
    - Gregory
    "Everyone in the office is very professional from the front desk to the doctors. They are very friendly and treat you with respect. They always make you feel comfortable and act in a professional manne ..."
    - Patrick
    "It has been a positive experience so far. The doctor is able to answer all questions and concerns."
    - Rachel
    "Love this place. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable."
    - Kyle
    "very good experience"
    - Angel
    "I am always pleased with how concerned you are for my well being."
    - Ani
    "I have always had a pleasant experience."
    - Janice
    "As always it is a pleasure to come in for allergy shots"
    - Jennifer
    "Dr. Drapkin is wonderful. He's encouraging, realistic, and easy to talk to. All of the nurses are very nice and do a good job with allergy shots."
    - Nicole
    "Good. The practice is professional and easy to deal with."
    - Tom
    "Very positive."
    - Darlene
    "friendly, experienced stuff"
    - Beata
    "Always a good experience cordial and caring staff and Doctors"
    - Patricia
    "Very good they entire staff was a pleasure to be treated by"
    - James
    "After 8 years taking shoots, I'm feeling very good. Every time you get excellent service. Thanks for your help!"
    - Dusanka
    - Rodolie
    "Always positive"
    - Elyse
    "My doctor"
    - Bradley
    - Earl
    "My experience with Allergy Partners for the most part is a good experience. The receptionist Joanne is very accommodating and knowledgeable. I love Dr. Hereni as physician. The monthly 3 injections ..."
    - Marion
    "very convenient to make appointments"
    - Sarah
    "Awesome! The staff is wonderful and the doctors are top notch."
    - Anthony
    "Dr. Drapkin and his staff offer quality care. Helpful and responsive to my needs."
    - Douglas
    "I like the practice"
    - Donna
    "No problems. Courteous, fast, professional."
    - Carlee
    "I have been seeing Dr. Drapkin for a number of years now. My allergies have all but subsided, and with monthly allergy shots, my quality of life is much better."
    - Kristen
    - Barbara
    "It's always a good experience"
    - Timothy
    "Good! Everyone is extremely nice and professional."
    - Karen
    "Everyone has always gone above and beyond to help with any issue(s) or questions we have."
    - Lora
    "My experience is always pleasant. The office is clean, staff friendly, quick and efficient. I feel comfortable asking questions and always receive prompt answers and care."
    - Krystyn
    "All good. Very efficient."
    - Kathleen
    "You care us of"
    - Megan
    "I take my son there for allergy shots and it is a very quick and convenient process to help relieve him of his allergies."
    - Debra
    "I've excellent care from the nurses, doctors, and office staff."
    - Kallie
    "Courteous staff, prompt service, and staff are always smiling"
    - Rodelio
    "You’re the best! I will be calling soon. I think I’m going to have to go back on shots. Hopefully, I won’t have to be retested?!"
    - Kathleen
    "It has been far better than I thought when I started. There is a noticed difference in my allergy condition"
    - Wayne
    - Effie
    "I really like working with Allergy Partners. I originally signed up because of Dr. Conner, but I've been pleasantly surprised by the friendliness and helpfulness of all the staff - doctors and nurses. ..."
    - Carla
    - Constancio
    "Absolutely awesome. The clinic staff and Dr. Drapkin are consistently efficient, quick, and super friendly. I enjoy working with them as my eczema and allergy conditions progress."
    - Jessica
    "It was great"
    - Loretta
    "Very pleasant and cheerful staff. Willing to help . Thank you for being there"
    - Pat
    "I have always had a great experience with this office. Even when I’m running in for w quick allergy shot, everyone is friendly and happy to see me!!"
    - Heidi
    "So far having a very good experience."
    - Dawn
    "Initially very good. However I'm no longer coming in for allergy shots due to financial issues."
    - Nancy
    "My experience is always excellent, and all the staff members over here are awesome."
    - Muhammad
    - Lilia
    "I've been very satisfied. My asthma and allergies are for the most part controlled. Dr. Hirami is great!"
    - Patricia
    "Excellent service"
    - Kelly
    "Always good"
    - Larry
    - Cathryn
    "The experience was positive. I would not say I enjoyed getting allergy shots, but the staff made the process as enjoyable as possible."
    - Jarrod
    - Robert
    - Sheldon
    - Paul
    "Excelent,very nice people very professional."
    - Juan E.
    "With you for about 9 years. You guys are great."
    - Scott
    "Everyone at the front desk is friendly and helpful. Dr. Drapkin is cheerful and knowledgeable. The nurses are great, I really appreciate the "is this you" vial check before shots."
    - Melissa
    "I think Dr. Conner listens well to explanation of symptoms and problems and asks great questions to come up with the proper plan; a plan that actually works. The ladies in the office are very friendly ..."
    - HIlde
    "The best."
    - Douglas
    "Very good, polite and professional staff"
    - Regina
    "very good experience; responsive to my needs and concerns; professional staff, including the office staff."
    - Thomas
    "I am very pleased with the care of the practice."
    - Nancy
    "I feel very welcome in your office. The doctors, nurses,secretaries and staff are very friendly. I appreciate their help."
    - Douglas
    "Very good"
    - Nicholas
    "Satisfied. Like Sunday hours."
    - David
    "Always quick and professional"
    - Pat
    "Dr. Drapkin is amazing and his staff is super polite and professional"
    - Daniel
    "Dr. Drapkin and the team are very nice. I've had great results!"
    - Anthony
    "Always appreciation the welcoming, professional and prompt service"
    - Julie
    "Everything always goes well"
    - Joe
    "Felt better."
    - George
    "One of the best medical offices I've ever visited -- top notch professionals and very efficient. Always a great experience."
    - Jeffrey
    "Everything was great."
    - Yael
    "They always handle me very quickly, and the doc was able to diagnose my allergies a couple years ago, which brought some clarity to otherwise confusing and frustrating symptoms!"
    - Dave
    "professional and Fast"
    - Bill
    "Good, the doctors are available when I need to see them. Otherwise, i am there just once a month for my shots."
    - Dale
    "My son, Griffin, is a patient and we are very pleased with Dr. Connor and the staff of the AH office. Only complaint is the extremely limited after school hours available to receive shots in NW Suburb ..."
    - Stephanie
    "Positive experience Able to see doctor when needed"
    - Ellen
    - Renee
    "So far so good. The process is quick and pretty painless. Nurses are kind. I just wish the hours were extended, It is a real hassle to have to get there only on wednesdays from 12-5pm. Even if it was ..."
    - Sara
    "Great team and good experience"
    - Bill
    "happy with office staff and nurses. able to get in and out quickly for allergey shots"
    - Rebecca
    "Always prompt, professional and able to service everyone in a timely manner."
    - Theodore
    "It was a great experience.i was allergy tested and no allergies, but still need to know the cause if my rash.We are still working on that."
    - Karen
    "Everything is great except the Wednesday only availability for injections at Elk Grove."
    - Nancy
    "I need to know that I can request a few moments with a MD or PA when I come in for my shots."
    - Tom
    "Excellent! My dr the staff and nurses all are wonderful. I love Dr. Drapkin he has done wonders for my allergies and the lab tech Kasia is so sweet and gets back to me right away. I highly recommend ..."
    - Hailey
    "Excellent service"
    - Anna
    - Terry
    "Dr. Drapkin is amazing! Not only was I put at ease right away, but he makes sure you understand what to expect, and when to expect it. The entire staff is amazing at the Evanston office!!! Very ..."
    - Lindzie
    "Very professional and at the same time very caring"
    - James
    "Great experience!"
    - Amanda
    "Excellent staff"
    - Cheryl
    "Excellent care!"
    - Cheryl
    "I always have a good experience at the Des Plaines office. Everyone is pleasant and helpful. And the doctors are always accomcdating. I frequently recommend them. Rating? 5 Stars"
    - Carla
    - Judy
    - Jason
    "Very good."
    - John
    "I am so grateful for this office. The staff and physicians are magnificent."
    - Cynthia
    - Julianne
    "I have had the perfect experience at Allergy Partners. I am always greeted by the nicest people. They are all quick, efficient and knowledgeable. I couldn't be happier with Allergy Providers as my pro ..."
    - Scarlett
    "I really like the staffs and the doctors."
    - Aashi
    "I have been coming here a long time. Things seem to stay on track even though the doctors have changed."
    - Cheryl
    "Everything all around is great."
    - Chris
    "Wonderful service."
    - Judy
    "It is always a pleasant experience, even though you are going to get a shot. Staff is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Reception area is clean and open. Always greeted when arriving and ..."
    - Susan
    "Everyone is courteous, professional, and on time."
    - Adam
    - Robert
    "Always great"
    - Crystal
    "Very comfortable to visiting the office. If I can ask that you have more women’s monthly magazines. I like to enjoy reading until having allergy shot. I visit the office once a week routinely."
    - Jung J.
    "Great as usual"
    - Virginia
    "Satisfied and treated very well."
    - Anthony
    "Very satisfied! Never a long wait for shots & the service and care I always receive is second to none."
    - Steve
    "Doctor recommended my allergist"
    - Nicolas
    "I have been seeing Dr. Drapkin and staff for almost 9 years and i cannot say enough good things about the doctor or his staff. they are all professional and i appreciate them."
    - Scott
    "Excellent service! Great care!"
    - Cheryl
    "Dr. Drapkin is very knowledgeable. He explained my allergy testing clearly and gave me advice on dealing with my symptoms!!"
    - Jim