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Is It Cold, Allergies, or Sinusitis?

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Is It Cold, Allergies, or Sinusitis

If you have ever wondered whether your symptoms of runny nose, sneezing, and congestion are due to the "common cold," environmental allergies or even sinusitis, you are not alone. Because these three conditions have overlapping features and may occur either simultaneously or sequentially, even trained medical professionals can find it challenging to diagnose and managed these common problems. The following discussion is not intended to take the place of advise from your physician or advanced practice clinician but may be useful in guiding your decisions to seek medical attention for these annoying problems.

Editor's note: Dr. Robert Sugerman specializes in allergic respiratory disorders, food allergy, and primary immunodefeciancy. He can be reached at Allergy Partners of North Texas. www.allergypartners.com/northtexas

By Dr. Robert Sugerman - Dallas, TX

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