Eric Conologue, PA-C

Eric Conologue, PA-C

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I approach each patient with a sense of empathy, recognizing the need to provide support not only through medical intervention but also through compassion and understanding. By fostering open communication, tailoring treatment plans to individual needs, and addressing physical ailments & the emotional toll of chronic conditions, I uplift those under my care toward a better, healthier life.

I attended the LIU PA-program in Brooklyn, NY. With clinical rotations across the New York City hospital system, I was exposed to complex medical dilemmas and diverse patient populations. These experiences have served as a robust foundation from which I have built upon over the years through continued education and collaboration with Dr. David Fitzhugh.

I have practiced in the field of Allergy/Immunology since completing PA school in 2016. The allure of Allergy/Immunology lies in its complexity. The challenge of deciphering the underlying mechanisms of allergic reactions and immune system dysfunctions continues to drive my passion for growth within the field. I am pleased we are able to offer state-of-the-art treatment modalities that encompass not only symptom relief, but the restoration of quality of life.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my partner and our mischievous Shiba Inu, Socks. I make the most of the Triangle by living in Raleigh, working in Chapel Hill, and visiting Durham as often as possible. I love travel and learning all that I can about different cultures and perspectives. I also enjoy playing tennis, volleyball, and dodgeball in local leagues with friends.