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Providing Hope for People with Food Allergies

Our innovative Food Allergy Immunotherapy Program (OIT) has helped several hundreds of patients overcome a fear of food.

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Dallas Food Allergy Center (DFAC) is the food allergy specialty practice at Allergy Partners of North Dallas. We were one of the first practices in the country to start offering a breakthrough oral immunotherapy program (OIT) for people with food allergies. Our treatment provides a long-term solution for peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, wheat, seed, soy, chickpea, and coconut allergic patients. The treatment program usually takes about 6 months and, at the end of the program, most patients are able to consume their problem foods without an allergic reaction.


We believe it’s a combination of expertise, experience and a sincere respect for patients. Our team has all three, and it shows in everything we do.

Expertise you can trust.

How do you know if your doctor is an expert in their field of medicine? One way is to see what their peer doctors have to say. Our physicians have consistently been recognized by their peers with honors in the fields of Allergy and Immunology.

OIT Program is on a cash only basis.

Allergy Partners of North Texas cannot bill our OIT patients’ insurance carriers until food OIT is appropriately recognized as a covered service by insurance companies. That means we must bill you personally and leave insurance out of the equation. We understand that this decision carries financial implications for some OIT patients, and sincerely hope things will change in the very near future. However, for now the OIT Program is on a cash only basis. Read more here.

Experience helping patients like you.

Drs. Richard L. Wasserman and Robert W. Sugerman have more than 50 years of combined experience helping patients with challenging allergy and infection problems. Thousands of patients both in the DFW area and across the country have chosen Allergy Partners of North Texas (APNT) because they get the benefit of the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment.

Respect for you as a patient and a person.

Children and adults choose APNT to help them with allergies ranging from food allergies to asthma, eczema, hives, sinus problems and immune deficiencies. We have a team approach, where we partner with patients and families to educate them about allergy therapeutic options, and guide their treatment choices. This approach, which sincerely respects the patient’s viewpoint, offers the best opportunity for patients to achieve optimal results.

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During this time, we would like to limit the number of visitors to our office and request that children be accompanied by one guardian/parent. Please do not bring extra visitors to your appointment.