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Retiring Physicians

Allergy Partners welcomes physicians approaching the next milestone in their careers, retirement. Allergy Partners can assist you with developing an orderly transition for your practice and ensure continuity of care for your patients while you begin to slow down practicing medicine.

Dr. Chitra Natalie

Shareholder Track

Allergy Partners will work with you to find the perfect practice location for you and your family. We offer a competitive initial salary and a clear path to partnership.

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Allergy Partners understands the current and forthcoming challenges faced by practicing allergists. As an organization led by our own physicians, our resources are dedicated to ensuring we have the infrastructure in place to stay ahead of the curve.

As our reputation continues to grow, we are committed to our vision and to bringing aboard the best physicians and practices.

Our Vision For Success

At Allergy Partners, our goal is simple. We want to work within our specialty to become the recognized leader in the delivery of high quality care for the treatment of asthma and allergic disease. We believe the pathway to success lies in our commitment to providing a supportive, innovative and caring environment for our physicians and staff which will allow them to deliver the best possible patient care.

Historically, allergy practices have run as a cottage industry comprised of independent practices made up of one or two physicians. The “do it on your own” model worked well for many years but increasing pressures from managed care companies, regulatory agencies and our consumers have challenged us to rethink the traditional care delivery model. Creating a platform for change is not easy – but it is necessary for the future of our specialty.

Ensuring Individual Success

New physicians who join our practice join a system with considerable built-in efficiencies and a proven track record of success. Our physicians have immediate access to all we have done to optimize the delivery of patient care and to all the business efficiencies we have instituted. Physicians who join one of our practice locations will be able to avoid the losses that are ordinarily incurred when starting a practice due to start-up expenses, poor negotiating position, decreased economies of scale, lack of referrals, and the lack of expertise that comes from experience.

An additional advantage of our practice is the process by which we develop new and existing physicians. We at Allergy Partners have long recognized that the key to our success and a measure of our value is the success of our individual physicians. One of the primary functions of the administrative team is to support, monitor, and enhance the development of our physicians. Through an initial orientation process, on going mentoring and timely and relevant reporting, we believe we provide unparalleled support to our physicians.

What Our Doctors Have to Say

Playing Well With Others

Being part of a large group practice is not for everyone. While a larger group is better able to organize around a different set of technological, behavioral, and market factors, the desires of the individual physician may not always be considered as a first priority. As physicians, we place high value on independence and autonomy. For this reason, some physicians find it uncomfortable operating in a team decision-making environment. As part of a larger medical practice, each physician must first be willing and able to see themselves as part of the larger organization. By working along side other experienced and knowledgeable professionals, each must be willing to share and accept the operational and governance responsibility to the betterment of the entire organization. To that end, it is critical that we, as a group, create a network of compatible, like-minded physicians and, more importantly, that physicians within each hub be driven by similar “lifestyle” values. Before joining any medical group practice, one should first give serious consideration to the question:    “How well do you play with others?”

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