Allergy Partners of Corpus Christi Reviews

    "Dr. Tinana and staff were amazing. My son and I both were seen and this is by far the best place I've been."
    - Amy
    "I saw Dr. Chang last week for breathing problems. She is one of the best doctors that I have been to in the last twenty years. She exemplifies what all doctors should be. The entire staff at Allergy ..."
    - William
    "Dr. TIANNA is the sweetest doctor. She is very down to earth and explains everything to where I can understand, with my daughters skin problems. My kids love her, she is very kind to them. Highly ..."
    - Tiffaney
    "My son was diagnosed with asthma since he was a baby. In & out of hospital every month. It is amazing what they have done for my son! I can say no hospital visits for almost 2 years now!! Thank you! ..."
    - Lindsay
    "Dr. Tinana and Dr. Chang are amazing! They have done wonders for my son! Glad that Dr. Chang joined because she was my sons pediatrician and knows my sons history! Thanks to both of them my son hasn't ..."
    - Caterina
    "One of the best Doctor visits I have had in many years. Dr A. Tinana listened to my concerns and after hearing what I told her and commenting on the issues at hand, she asked me if I had any others ..."
    - Francis
    "We absolutely love Dr. Tinana and the entire staff. They are not only professional, they are so friendly and make you feel welcome. My son feels excited to start a new journey towards improving his ..."
    - Iris
    "My mother, daughter and I all go to Dr. Tinana for testing, immunotherapy and allergy help in general. She has been outstanding for all of us and over the last few years and I am truly grateful that ..."
    - Paul
    "My son was seen by a pedi GI Dr for 6mos Referred him to a psychiatrist who quickly said there was nothing "mental" going on & suggested allergy testing. Dr. Tinana was able to make the correct ..."
    - Rishana
    "A wonderful Physician by far! I would recommended her to anybody looking for an allergist. There are very few allergist in town but out of the board certified allergist, she is the best!"
    - Patient
    "I saw Dr. Tinana very shortly after filling out my paperwork. She gave my daughter some topical creme for rashes and a prescription and just like that she is doing better. We had our little girl ..."
    - Aimee
    "Dr. Tinana is very knowledgeable and caring. Her staff was very friendly and helpful. Never felt rushed. Has wonderful bedside manners too! Would recommend her highly!"
    - Patient
    "Great office. Staff and Doctor are Awesome."
    - Patient
    "My son was diagnosed with asthma at 6 mos. of age. Finally referred to Dr. Tinana at the age of 8 and with the help of allergy injections, he has improved drastically. Wonderful Physician and the ..."
    - Kim
    "Excellent treatment and "bedside" manner. Some staff wonderful, some poor, but Dr. Tinana herself more than makes up for such lacks."
    - Patient