Why Is My Mouth & Throat Itchy After Eating Fruit & Vegetables?

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Understanding Food-Pollen Syndrome & Oral Allergy Syndrome

Do you find that your mouth and throat get itchy after eating certain fruits or vegetables? You may initially think this is just a strange reaction to these foods, but the truth is, there could be an underlying condition causing these symptoms. Don't worry – while irritating and sometimes uncomfortable, such reactions are usually harmless and can often easily be managed with simple dietary changes. In this post, we'll look at why your mouth and throat might be itching after consuming certain fruits or vegetables as well as potential remedies for resolving this symptom.

Common Causes of Allergic Reactions to Food

If you're struggling with seasonal allergies and have been washing your food appropriately, the culprit may in fact be Food-Pollen Syndrome (FPS) or Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS). FPS is caused when common proteins found in certain fruits and vegetables closely resemble those contained within pollen. Eating these foods prompts an allergic reaction from the immune system – leading to symptoms such as itchy mouth/throat, upset stomach, hives, and vomiting among others. Fortunately, most people affected by OAS can usually tolerate cooked forms of the trigger foods!

For those who suffer from Oral Allergy Syndrome, a creative way to reduce symptoms is by cooking food instead of eating it raw. High temperatures break down problematic proteins that are responsible for OAS and can make foods more tolerable. In addition, canned versions may be easier on your system than fresh options! While these measures won't cure the issue or prevent new sensitivities in the future, studies have revealed another promising step – allergy shots! Desensitization through this method could potentially improve not only seasonal allergies but also alleviate discomfort associated with Oral Allergy Syndrome.

Allergy Myth: Busted!

Don't be fooled by myths! Contrary to popular belief, being allergic to pesticides on fruits is highly unlikely. If you have any symptoms of a food allergy, the cause is more likely due to Food-Pollen Syndrome or Oral Allergy Syndrome, so it's important that you consult with your allergist for an accurate diagnosis and personalized plan moving forward.

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