Tips for Relieving “Winter Itch”

person itching elbow

Stop Scratching & Embrace Smooth, Moisturized Skin

Do you suffer from “winter itch”? Not to worry – you are not alone! Many of Allergy Partners’ patients experience the same skin discomfort in winter months due to the cold and dry weather. But there are ways that you can manage this pesky problem and start feeling better soon. With a combination of avoiding triggers, using protective skin care products, and following helpful lifestyle advice, your skin will be smooth and itch-free just in time for spring!

What Causes Dry, Itchy Skin?

Believe it or not, the dry and itchy skin many of us experience in winter is not always due to allergies. It's known as "winter itch" – an uncomfortable sensation most commonly associated with eczema and other genetic conditions such as ichthyosis which often result in scaly patches appearing on legs. But rather than these internal factors being responsible for seasonal scratching spells, they're more likely caused by external environmental causes like cold air temperatures and low humidity levels both indoors and outdoors from central heating systems running throughout our homes and workplaces.

Tips for Relief

To bring relief from winter itch, make your skincare routine a priority. Avoid hot baths or showers which will dry out the skin and cause more moisture loss; lukewarm water is the better option! In addition to this, pick mild body washes such as Dove, Cetaphil, or Aveeno; soaps with harsh chemicals should be avoided at all costs for healthy-looking skin during colder months.

Maintaining a healthy skin barrier is essential for protecting yourself from the elements and preventing common conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, or dryness. To keep your skin looking its best, experts suggest using a heavy ointment-type moisturizer once or twice daily to help lock in moisture effectively. If you prefer something less greasy but just as effective, then opt for creams with a higher water content that helps seal hydration into your epidermis without evaporating too quickly. Remember to always use products free of any potential contact allergens like fragrances and dyes. Moisturizing consistently can make all the difference when it comes to achieving radiant-looking skincare.

Sunscreen Isn’t Just for Summer!

Just because the days are getting colder and shorter doesn’t mean you no longer have to protect your skin from the sun. The winter sun's rays can still cause painful burns, even during cooler months! Make sure you wear sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 while playing in the snow since reflected light has been known to increase exposure. Be smart this season – stay protected for healthy outdoor fun under the winter sun!

Allergy Partners Can Help Relieve the Itch

Winter Itch is an irritating problem, but one that can be managed. If you’re feeling the effects of dry winter air, make sure to follow the steps outlined in this post. Use healthful and hydrating home remedies, moisturize regularly, and find ways to keep humidifiers running in your home. Also consider going to medical professionals who specialize in skin care so they can give you additional tips for relief!

Allergy Partners has a long history of helping our patients manage difficult skin issues during the winter months. Contact us if you want to discuss further how we can help you get through the winter months itch-free. Taking proactive measures can help with “winter itch” during wintertime and beyond!