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Visualize Your Dream Job in 2024

Physician planning for new career

Have an ideal practice location in mind? Set an intention and start putting out feelers for your next big move.

If there's anything the pandemic years taught us, it's that a major world event causes a lot of people to re-assess their current lifestyle. According to a report by Definitive Healthcare, The Great Realignment resulted in nearly 117,000 physicians leaving the workforce entirely in 2021. For those remaining in practice, this trend of work-life evaluation has continued, with tens of thousands of physicians deciding that there's no time like the present to make a big move.

Whether motivated by professional goals or a desire to move closer to family, for example, it can be frustrating when that dream location doesn't pop up on the job boards. There are steps you can take, however, so that if a practice's plans align with yours, you'll be among the first to know.

Reach out directly to local practices.

If you have a specific city in mind, you can always reach out directly to the local practices after having done some initial research online.

  • Send your CV with your first email.
  • Let them know your ideal timeline.

Contact large, growing practices.

If you don't find (or click with) a local practice in your area of interest, reach out to a growth-minded practice with national presence. Often, these larger practices have planned growth initiatives that might align with your desired geography.

If it's a large practice, getting in touch with their in-house recruiter will be the best assurance you will get a follow up. You can even provide a few areas of interest, rather than just one.

At Allergy Partners, our recruiting team keeps a database of all past, current and future candidate interest. In fact, we welcome inquiries from candidates as early as their first year of residency. When an opportunity comes up, we already have a list of people to tell about it.

If you don't see your particular area of interest on our list of current opportunities, we'd still like to hear from you. Send us your CV and tell us where you'd like to practice (and when). You never know when our growth initiatives will take us all exactly where you want to be.