Allergy Partners Debuts Innovative Web Platform, Facilitating Comprehensive Access to Premier Allergy and Asthma Care

Asheville, North Carolina (6/30/2023) - As the country's foremost provider of asthma and allergy clinical services, Allergy Partners is thrilled to announce the introduction of its groundbreaking, user-friendly web platform. This unique platform empowers patients and providers by offering unrivaled access to a vast reservoir of clinical expertise from the largest network of 140 allergists in the country.

David A. Brown, M.D., Founder & CEO of Allergy Partners, shares, "We aim to create an optimal space for a patient to access the best care possible in their community. With Allergy Partners, you're gaining more than just a single allergist—you're tapping into the collective knowledge of 140 allergists nationwide."

This platform broadens access to our growing network across 132 offices in 20 states, helping patients navigate the complexities of a comprehensive range of allergic diseases, from asthma to nut allergies, mold allergies, and seasonal allergies. Patients can search for office locations by zip code or state, find in-depth information about each office, and view profiles of our expert allergists to select the best-suited provider for their needs.

The platform simplifies access to our services and boasts a wealth of resources. These include educational videos on managing allergies and asthma, tips for allergen avoidance, lifestyle modification strategies for symptom improvement, and a growing library of articles penned by our experts.

Employing Artificial Intelligence (AI), the platform "listens" to the needs of web users, enabling Allergy Partners to continually offer content that reflects the evolving needs of patients and providers. This inventive approach amplifies the reach of our allergist network's clinical knowledge to the public.

Dr. Brown adds, "Our web platform is designed to reach more patients than ever, making it straightforward for them to receive the care they need. We're confident that this digital evolution will enhance our healthcare delivery and contribute to improved clinical outcomes."

Allergy Partners is committed to aiding patients in managing their allergies, and advocating for healthier, more fulfilling lives. With this platform launch, Allergy Partners seeks to extend its services to more individuals, offering relief from symptoms and equipping patients to lead lives free from allergy or asthma-related issues.

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