LOCATION: Louisville, KY


RESPONSIBLE TO: Practice Manager

JOB SUMMARY: The Business Coordinator position functions as a clerical assistant to the Practice Manager within the medical office setting. Employee is tasked with ensuring patient eligibility checks and insurance verifications are completed for all patients prior to the patients’ appointment. Employee may be tasked with registering patients, answering the telephone, preparing the office for the day, scheduling patient appointments, collecting payment at the time of service, and posting charges and payments. Employee may schedule patient appointments, facilitate referral requests, obtain authorizations and verify insurance eligibility.


  • High school diploma required.


  • Minimum of three years’ experience in a business office. Medical office or health services setting preferred.
  • Attention to detail is essential for this job function.
  • Experience in daily balancing/cash management functions, including asking for payment, making change, balancing a cash drawer, and consolidating the clinic’s daily bank deposits and cash balancing.
  • Ability to learn government payer requirements and regulations related to patient charges, billing, collections, authorizations and service limitations.
  • Working knowledge of practice management and electronic health record software. GE Centricity experience is a plus.
  • Familiarity with scheduling and rearranging appointments effectively.
  • Comfortable using email, word processing and interacting with Internet applications.
  • Proven experience handling challenging patients/customers and dealing with conflict in elevated/stressful situations.
  • Ability to perform multiple and diverse tasks simultaneously – with accuracy and efficiency – while maintain composure.
  • Neat, professional appearance.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.

Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Communicates on the telephone professionally and pleasantly. Efficiently screens and directs calls and make appointments as necessary.
  • Completes daily balancing for the medical office. Balances daily transactions and reconciles encounters with payment transactions; prepares deposit slip and delivers “daily close” packet to the Practice Manager or as assigned.
  • Performs patient charge audits on a routine basis.
  • Ensures proper posting of charges into the practice management system daily as assigned.
  • Completes insurance verifications for all new patient office visits.
  • Obtains prior authorizations and referrals, as needed.
  • Ensures clean claims are submitted in a timely manner.
  • Reviews and updates any rejected claim detail.
  • Coordinates and manages Biologics program for practice in conjunction with Practice Manager
  • Counsels patients on estimated out of pocket expenses related to care and treatment.
  • Converses with patients/visitors and responds to routine requests for information from all Allergy Partners staff, patients and vendors.
  • Maintains office equipment and office supplies in the clerical areas within the office.
  • Ensures all faxes are cleared off the machine and are distributed throughout the day. For those practices utilizing electronic fax capabilities, ensures that electronic files are routed appropriately.
  • Opens, date stamps and delivers mail daily as assigned.
  • Assembles files and maintains integrity of patient charts. Runs reports and prepares patient encounters for the next day. Responds to medical records requests as appropriate.
  • Schedules patient appointments: explains to patients which pieces of information they are to bring or complete prior to an appointment, provides a range of potential charges for the visit and the patient’s estimated financial obligation, provides patients several scheduling options, follows approved scheduling guidelines, prepares and send out all appropriate information to patients.
  • Greets patients as they arrive for scheduled appointments. Ensures registration forms and other patient paperwork is complete and up to date.
  • Verifies demographic and insurance information for new and established patients, according to protocol; indexes insurance and identification documentation into the practice management system as appropriate.
  • Check out patients and collect payment from patients at the time of their visit and provides patients with a receipt. Collection should be made on past due balances as well as current dates of service. Arranges internal payment plans according to Allergy Partners policy.
  • “Closes” the office each day according to protocol.
  • Determines uncollectible balances and refers such accounts to the Practice Manager.
  • Assists in other clerical office duties at the request of the Practice Manager.
  • Performs all other duties as requested or assigned.


    • Maintains patient confidentiality; complies with HIPAA, OSHA and compliance guidelines established by Allergy Partners.
    • Helps to monitor patient waiting areas and facilitates proper patient flow.
    • Attends all regular staff meetings.

Supervisory Responsibilities

This job has no supervisory responsibilities.

Typical Physical Demands

Position requires full range of body motion including manual and finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination. Involves standing and walking. Employee will occasionally be asked to lift and carry items weighing up to 30 pounds. Normal visual acuity and hearing are required.

Employee will work under stressful conditions and may be exposed to bodily fluids on a regular basis.

Typical Working Condition

Work is performed in a clerical area within the medical office, and involves frequent contact with patients, payers and vendors. Work may be stressful at times. The employee must be comfortable dealing with conflicts, asking patients for money and encountering frustrating situations. Interaction with others is constant and interruptive. Contact involves dealing with sick people.

Contact Details

Contact: Sherri Baumer, Practice Manager

Email: srbaumer@allergypartners.com

Contact Details

Contact : Sherri Baumer, Practice Manager

Email : srbaumer@allergypartners.com