Introducing APpal

There is now a mobile app for patients, integrated within Allergy Partners’ Patient Portal and EMR, which provides customized, interactive coaching for the patient’s specific condition and helps track medications, allergy injections, triggers, and symptoms. Available on iOS and Android, APpal is free to Allergy Partners’ patients and its use is highly encouraged. App technology provides an extension of care beyond the office visit that encourages adherence to treatment plans discussed between the patient and their physician.

APpal, developed by URXmobile System with input from Allergy Partners physicians, boasts new technology that will ideally improve the health of patients. Through the interactivity of alerts, educational information and videos, as well as proactive modules on topics covering allergies and asthma, patients quickly realize the full potential of the app. Essentially, as the patient utilizes and interacts with the app, the better it gets to know the patient and can assist with ongoing support for treatment plans. Alerts and content are personalized and take into account a variety of factors specific to the individual user that occurs over time.

Always striving to provide the latest advancements in diagnosis and treatments, the new APpal app is no exception for the leaders in allergy and asthma care.