If you have been diagnosed with nasal polyps, now is the time to see your Allergist at Allergy Partners to discuss a new device to deliver treatment of topical steroids for nasal polyp therapy.  OptiNose received FDA approval for the novel delivery device to administer fluticasone to the nasal polyp tissue.  This new therapy is administered daily much differently than the typical over-the counter allergy nasal sprays you may have already tried.  The technology is known as “Breath Powered” delivery.  The therapy is also an option for patients who already had surgery for nasal polyps and continue to suffer from symptoms.

Your Allergist can determine if the new therapy will work for you with hands-on in-office demonstration and training, Symptoms of nasal polyps include nasal congestion, nasal block, snoring, poor smell, frequent or chronic sinus infections, and runny nose.  200,000 new cases of symptomatic nasal polyps are reported every year.   You may still have nasal polyps even if you were informed in the past of being non-allergic.  If you are suffering from symptoms of nasal polyps, call Allergy Partners soon to learn about this new therapy option for 2018.


By Dr. Duane Keitel

Allergy Partners of Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky