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Practice Physicians

Ownership & Group Governance

Allergy Partners is a professional corporation owned and operated by its shareholder  physicians. New physicians joining the group are given a clear pathway to shareholder status. All shareholders are subject to the same contractual provisions and have equal ownership, voting rights, and control of the company. Allergy  Partners is managed by its Board of Directors, which meet monthly. Membership on the eleven-member Board is restricted to shareholders. However, two of the three standing Board-level committees, Operations and Clinical Excellence, are open to all physicians. Participation on these committees is not only open to all physicians but is encouraged. Each committee has a specific charge and is chaired by a member of the Board who reports monthly on the committees activities.

Operations Committee

  • – CBO Services
  • – “Best Business Practices”
  • – Information Systems and Technology
  • – Marketing
  • – Day-to-day operational concerns

Finance Committee

  • – Physician compensation
  • – Financial oversight
  • – Performance/productivity
  • – Capital needs & financing

Clinical Excellence Committee

  • – “Best Clinical Practices”
  • – Patient satisfaction
  • – Forms and records
  • – Patient care management
  • – Standards of care

Because we do not need to satisfy the performance expectations of outside investors, our business and growth model is built on a “travel slow, arrive early” foundation. One hundred percent of all corporate profits resulting from patient care activities, to the extent realized on an annual basis, are returned only to the physicians of Allergy Partners.

Day-to-Day Operations

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Practice Physicians

Allergy Partners Administrative Structure

While the Board of Directors makes high level policy decisions, the day-to-day management of Allergy Partners takes place in our corporate office in Asheville, North Carolina. There, a committed, highly-trained and experienced staff gets things done. As a result of our size and financial position, we have been able to recruit and retain a senior executive staff, whose expertise and ability is beyond the reach of smaller practices.

President and Chief Executive Officer: Dr. David Brown has served in this capacity since first incorporated as Allergy Partners, PLLC in 1994. Dr. Brown reports to the Board of Directors and concentrates his activities in the area of practice development, clinical oversight and physician recruiting and mentoring. As C.E.O. of the company, he is ultimately responsible for the integrity of all clinical and business services and the development and executions of corporate strategy.

General Counsel: Allergy Partners’ in-house legal counsel oversees areas of risk management, professional and general liability, contracting and leasing, human resources, employment liability and regulatory law including Office of the Inspector General (OIG) compliance, and Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance.

Chief Financial Officer: The company’s accounting and fiscal services division is headed by the Chief Financial Officer. This service administers staff and physician payroll, manages accounts payable for all hub locations, is responsible for practice budgeting and forecasting, and all hub and individual practice financial reporting.

Additionally, our financial services division is responsible for day-to-day administrative oversight of our retirement savings plan, financial controls, internal audit, managed care contract negotiations and central billing services.

Chief Operating Officer: Our Chief Operating Officer and the Operations Team oversee the practice operations of Allergy Partners’ Hubs and service locations. The Operations Group is responsible for providing implementation, training and support services for Allergy Partners Information Systems and Technology platform, which includes GE Centricity Practice Management and EMR. Additionally, the Operations Team leads Allergy Partners in credentialing activities, marketing and communications, as well as coding and billing training and oversight. Under the direction and leadership of the COO are the Practice Consultants (PC), who provide an enhanced communications conduit to the practice managers and physicians.

Because of our size, Allergy Partners can cost effectively employ our own team of practice management professionals to provide assistance in making your practice all that it can be.