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The leaders in Allergy & Asthma Care.

We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand each patient’s concerns and work effectively alongside our highly skilled support staff to make certain we provide the highest quality care available.

Allergy Partners of the upstate

is a member of the nation’s largest single specialty practice in Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Our dedicated Physicians will develop a comprehensive treatment program to bring your life into balance.


 Recent Posts

  • Are there allergic triggers to eczema?
    March 21, 2016
    Studies have indicated an increased rate of sensitization to food and environmental allergens in patients with eczema. Infants and young children less than 5 years of age are more likely to be sensitized to foods while older children and adults are more likely to be sensitized to aeroallergens, especially dust mites.
  • The Early Introduction of Peanuts to Children’s Diets
    March 17, 2016
    In a pivotal trial, published last year in the New England Journal of Medicine, European researchers from the Learning Early About Peanut Allergy (LEAP) study team presented data which fundamentally shifted existing concepts surrounding peanut allergy. Early dietary avoidance of peanut had previously been advocated as a method to delay the onset of peanut allergy. Despite this, the incidence of allergies has continued to rise worldwide. In LEAP, 640 infants at high risk for developing peanut allergy (those with eczema and/or egg allergy) were selected to either consume or avoid peanuts until they reached 5 years (60 months) of age. Results from this study showed a 70-86% risk reduction in the future development of peanut allergy in children from the early consumption group. One of the questions left answered by LEAP was what would happen if these same children stopped consuming peanut on a regular basis?
  • Breaking News: Asthma is Not Obvious
    March 7, 2016
    If you cough, feel out of breath too quickly with exercise, or have chest colds that last one to two weeks, you may have asthma. This can be confusing because you may not have “Asthma Attacks” or wheezing. The symptoms of asthma can be different in different people. Some people feel tightness or itching of their throat or upper chest. Some feel tired after not sleeping well. Others just have cough, while others will have ‘classic’ asthma symptom of wheezing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. It’s also very important to know that other conditions can cause symptoms similar to asthma. For example, problems with your heart may mimic some of these symptoms. It is vital that you go to your doctor to discuss your symptoms. Do not tough it out. Your health depends on it!
  • Allergy Myth Busters: Children Under Four Can’t Be Skin Tested?
    January 26, 2016
    Inspired by one of our favorite television shows, Allergy Myth Busters looks at a number of popularly held beliefs about allergy. But are these myths just urban legends or are they true? MYTH: Children less than 4 years of age can’t be skin tested for allergies.
  • Maternal asthma during pregnancy
    January 19, 2016
    Maternal asthma during pregnancy has been associated with increased risks of several adverse outcomes, emphasizing the need for optimal asthma control during pregnancy.

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