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The leaders in Allergy & Asthma Care.

We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand each patient’s concerns and work effectively alongside our highly skilled support staff to make certain we provide the highest quality care available.

Allergy Partners of eastern carolina

is a member of the nation’s largest single specialty practice in Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Our dedicated Physicians will develop a comprehensive treatment program to bring your life into balance.


 Recent Posts

  • Why Allergy Partners ?
    April 10, 2014
    More than 20 years ago in Asheville, North Carolina, Allergy Partners was founded on a simple premise: by working together, allergists can identify and implement best practices, which will result in improved patient care. By following that premise, we have grown to almost 100 allergists and 800 team members in 17 states
  • 'Tis the Season for Allergic Reactions
    December 17, 2013
    With the holiday season just around the corner, millions of Americans are preparing to decorate their homes, gather for feasts and travel to visit relatives. However, for allergy and asthma sufferers, the holiday season presents several potential triggers. Whether it's feasting on holiday meals, setting up your Christmas tree, or visiting your pet-owning relatives, allergy triggers may be lurking.
    August 29, 2013
    Ahh Fall. Ahh, cooler weather. Ahh Ragweed? Ahh CHOO! Yes, Fall has its own pollen season, and the important pollen is ragweed, which pollinates from August to October. The main two varieties in our area are Giant ragweed and Short ragweed. There are other weeds whose pollen may provoke allergic reactions, but ragweed produces pollen in quantities which put these other weeds to shame.
  • Stinging Insect Allergy
    June 18, 2013
    Stinging insect allergy affects approximately 3% of adults and 0.4-0.8% of children in the United States, with 40-100 people in the United States dying each year from a sting reaction. This type of allergy may develop at any age, is not inherited, and can occur whether or not one has other types of allergies
  • Exercise-Induced Asthma
    June 11, 2013
    Do you have problems with coughing, wheezing, or chest tightness when you exercise? Do you feel very tired and short of breath when you exert yourself? Some people wrongly believe that they are just out of shape when, in fact, they may have exercise-induced asthma

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